Light Box

[Images: Object 02, including two interesting wire studies for the project, followed by a “light object,” all by Jeroen Molenaar – who also took this amazing photograph. Object 02 is on display now at the Cultuurwerkplaats R10 in Zwolle, Netherlands. The structure seems to visually exemplify the idea that a work of architecture could double as a cantilevered lighting fixture installed on its site in the city. Or what if small, inhabitable lamps dotted the urban field? You climb into your lamp at night – and turn it off to sleep. Residents who have gone to bed form a dark constellation of unlit structures against the illuminated backdrop of those who’ve stayed awake; the city becomes a burning signage that graphs sleep].

4 thoughts on “Light Box”

  1. I know direct copying is discouraged when compared to inspiration and being led by the greats… But when it comes to that second image and I’m using that method next year at uni. Thats just incredible. Love the blog.

  2. These frames would lend well to dynamic structures which could be reconfigured – stretchy fabric could shrink and expand to conform with different geometries. Hmm.. might have to spend some time in the shop soon…

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