Blogger Open House @ Postopolis!

[Image: The blogger open house at Postopolis! Photo by Susan Surface].

I can’t stop thinking about Postopolis! – now that I’m back on the west coast, it’s like it may not have really occurred…
I also just like the image, above – taken by Susan Surface – so I thought I’d put up another quick link about one of the events at Postopolis!
So: in the above image you’re looking at the blogger open house, from Saturday, June 2, at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York.
From left to right you see: Miss Representation, Chad Smith, Enrique Ramirez, Abe Burmeister, me (looking down at a laptop), John Hill, Alec Appelbaum (standing in back), George Agnew (holding microphone), and Ryan McClain.
First of all, thanks to all of them for coming out. Second, I thought it was a great conversation – and a lot of fun. We obviously talked about blogging, but we went on to discuss architecture, self-publishing, anonymity, women in the age of Web 2.0, working with & without an editor, real estate in the city, extra-architectural posts – from Abe’s nomad economics to Enrique’s ship-salvaging tools – and their popularity on our respective sites, passing through diversions on starchitecture, who all this writing is actually intended for, and the sheer number of architecture blogs – and blogs in general – now kicking around out there in the ethersphere.
It was also great to meet some of these guys for the first time – one of the best things about Postopolis! in my opinion was simply that it got everyone together in one place, all of us – separated by keyboards and coffee cups and full-time jobs – coming together at the Storefront finally to reassure ourselves and others that the human experience is still alive and well in the 21st century, that conversations can, in fact, still happen, and we’re not all pale, deformed misfits sweating into our desktop computers…
In any case, it’s always worth clicking through the blogs, linked above – as well as through some of the other blogs who were invited but, for whatever reason, couldn’t make it: Curbed, Apartment Therapy, Polis, Brownstoner, Progressive Reactionary, and so on.
And expect more updates and recaps when the mood hits.

6 thoughts on “Blogger Open House @ Postopolis!”

  1. One of many great things I’m missing this summer while I toil away in the desert of Las Cruces, New Mexico.Next time. –Lisa

  2. It would have been great to meet you, Lisa – but good luck with the book! And maybe there’ll be a Postopolis! 2…

    Thanks, by the way, Randolph, for that link – cool project.

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