The Design Future of the Sacred Grove

[Images: Ships botanically assembling themselves in the forest, from “Growing a Hidden Architecture” by Christian Kerrigan, a proposal that actually seems to grow more interesting every time I think about it].

I’ve got a longish post up over at the CCA about sacred groves, trees that fruit machine-parts, forests that twine their canopies together through collars, tourniquets, corsets, and belts to form sea-ready ships ready for harvesting, the Moon Trees of Apollo, and much more.

[Image: From “Growing a Hidden Architecture” by Christian Kerrigan].

Design proposals by Christian Kerrigan, Sascha Pohflepp, and BOARD loom large, along with an historical essay by Patrick Bowe from a journal called Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes.

Take a look if you have a chance: The Design Future of the Sacred Grove.


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  1. Have you seen anything of Ursula Vernon's Gearworld? The bit about trees fruiting machine-parts reminded me of it. It's a sort of bizarre underground half-mechanized labyrinth; is the journal of an intrepid and confused explorer of the thing. It has corresponding illustrations on Deviantart, IIRC.

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